lundi 22 avril 2013

What a scatterbrain! A funny novel but so touching too!

"Hi. My name is Leonard. Yes, I know, it’s an old name that you don’t hear anymore. It’s my sister’s fault really. Mum and Dad didn’t want her to feel left out with the arrival of a little brother, so she was allowed to choose a name for me. And of course she chose the name of her favourite comic book character! Anyway, my family usually call me Scatterbrain and it’s not too difficult to understand why. Even I have to admit that my nickname suits me down to the ground. I find my forgetfulness kind of funny, but my total absence of organisational skills has exasperated a long line of people, especially my parents." 

Age level 7/8. This ebook is for sale at Kobobooks

But if you prefer a paperback book, it is also availble at Amazon