lundi 8 décembre 2014

Now on sale at Barnes & Nobles!

This Christmas tale (paperback) in 3 volumes is now on sale at Barnes & Nobles.

- Santa's Topsy-turvy day:

"It's a bitterly cold day in the Far North. It's also a very busy day for Santa Claus. Children's letters are still arriving from all over the world and Santa is run off his feet. The big question is: will he manage to deliver all the presents on time?"

- Whatever has become of Santa Claus?:

"What is happening in the skies of the Far North?
And what has become of Santa Claus? Children around the world are patiently watching for Santa's sleigh. But it is nowhere to be seen and their patience is wearing thin."

Barnes & Nobles offers a special price at $6.94 (-30%)

- Merry Christmas Santa Claus!:

"After a long journey with plenty of ups and downs and downs and ups, Santa Claus has finally delivered all the presents to all the children around the world. He is on his way home to the Far North, tired but content. Little does he know what's waiting for him!"

This story invites children to a fantastic and magical journey with Santa and all his friends.

Barnes & Nobles

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